Dr. Usilton is the reason I am still singing today.  

Her extensive knowledge of vocal pedagogy, voice science research, dramatic circumstances, and performance practice allowed me to do more than sing, but furthermore, allowed me to showcase the most authentic part of myself for any audience that sees or hears me. Her caring spirit, professional demeanor, and bubbly personality make her more than a teacher - she is a true friend. Dr. Usilton has obtained enough knowledge to direct students in all facets of vocal music with immense success and sustainability.


From J.S. Bach, to Sara Bareilles, Dr. Usilton gave me a strong technical foundation so I could focus on communicating through song as an artist should.  

—  Logan Hoy Tucker - WV Wesleyan College, BME ’18 | NYU - Steinhardt, MM - Vocal Performance - Music Theatre and Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy ’20